news of 2004-08-25

Internet goes down tomorrow...

... and I'm leaving for the rest of the week into a warmer area. Actually, the latter thing is true, as I'm going to Northern Italy with my girlfriend on our Suzuki Burgman 400. However, the two things are not related at all. There's however something like this going around the web: "Aleksandr Gostev from Kaspersky Labs was speaking at a conference hosted by Russian Information Agency Novosti. The cyber terrorists main targets will be the US and Western Europe, he said." Quote taken from this Inquirer article.

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Virex 7.5 eats mailboxes

Using Virex 7.5? Delete it from your computer until a fix is available at the very least. In a long history, this is just the newest incident on the Mac, that unnecessary software like antivirus or disk-tools instead of helping (we got no viruses for Mac OS X and Apple provides a good disk utility with OS X) actually harm your Mac and/or your data. If Virex 7.5 finds, for example, a MyDoom virus in one of your mailboxes, it actually doesn't delete the virus or the mail message - it deletes the 'file', i.e. the .mbox file, i.e. the whole mailbox. If it's in your spam-folder, that might be okay. But you don't want to lose any important mail, do you? I say: It's WINDOWS viruses we're scanning for, so let's stop doing it. Spreading Windows viruses actually helps others making the switch to the Mac. ;)

[ written by fryke™ on 2004-08-25 at 17:30 CET ]
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3D Desktop Beta 1 available

You can get it here. It's not _entirely_ what I expected but is a nice little demo for now. And it can launch apps already (yay!). While it works with aliases (i.e. you don't 'move' an item to the 3D Desktop window), be aware that dragging such an alias to the (normal) desktop actually moves its original there. Which is bad, I think. But as I've said, it's rather a demo of what it could become one day than a useful app per se.

[ written by fryke™ on 2004-08-25 at 11:34 CET ]
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