news of 2004-08-31

Keynote is over

It hasn't been a very exciting keynote, however. The iMac is new and is, as has been expected earlier, a 'computer in a display', basically. The three fans make a PowerBook G5 look farther than ever, and we still expect a new PowerBook G4 this Autumn.

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The Keynote (live update)

Hello. We'll put the new stuff in bold type. For now, the new lean theme is online for everyone, updating every 60s. We'll switch back to the normal 'Tiger' layout after the keynote.

Phil has entered the stage. Steve Jobs is alive and well and will come back during September. Phil then was talking about iTunes Music Store, iPods, BMWs etc. And that Mac OS X is now definitely the operating system of the Mac with over 12'000 applications.
Phil's talking about Mac games and that there are more and more games coming out for PC and Mac simultaneously..
(We're a _bit_ late with our report, but we're now in live contact...)
Luxology demoes 'Modo', a 3D tool.
Motion demo. Still nothing really and entirely new.
Tiger. 'More than a year before Longhorn.' 150 new features. Nothing additional to what we know from WWDC, though.
Production Suite. Yes, we're all waiting for the iMac. ;-)
Tiger's again being demoed. Spotlight at large. 'Superfast.' Smart folders, System Prefs, Address Book etc. Still nothing new - at least for those like us who've seen the WWDC keynote.
(Our connection to the keynote is on-and-off right now, sadly, but we'll keep updating as soon as we get more information...)
QuickTime, and presentation of H.264. Until now, we're seeing the same stuff like at WWDC...
Safari RSS (still talking about Tiger). Then Dashboard... And Automator. Maybe it's not Phil's voice that's getting us bored, maybe it's the lack of news...?

So... Almost 1.5 hours have passed since Phil has entered the stage. And we have yet to hear anything new... I guess if it were Steve on stage, we'd hear the _exact_ same stuff, but it would somehow _sound_ more interesting. Probably that field around him...

iChat's multi-conferencing is being demoed.
Phil's talking about the current iMac model. We're quite certain, that we'll hear now about the new one... Yes! The new iMac has a 1.6 or 1.8 GHz G5 processor, at least 17" display, is white and has an aluminum foot. Integrated speakers point downwards. The thing has 8x AGP graphics, up to 2 GB RAM, 600 MHz frontside bus, Serial ATA etc. Bluetooth and AirPort Extreme are not included but available. The power button is still _behind_ the iMac, sadly (why not put it on the screen?!). The page at Apple about the iMac G5 is up.

[ written by fryke™ on 2004-08-31 at 12:17 CET ]
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