news of 2004-09-13

New Tiger builds coming...

As mentioned earlier this month, newer Tiger builds will soon come into the hands of ADC Select and Premier members. AppleInsider posts this article with screenshots of iChat with additional Jabber support (it's still unclear how/if this will be interoperable with the AIM network...), parental controls and more on Safari's RSS features.

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Apple vs. Apple settlement?

MacRumors posts a story derived from Daily Variety & that says the settlement would "possibly dwarf the 26.5 mio. USD paid" in 1991. Apple had - before that - promised not to go into the music market, but with MIDI interfaces and QuickTime had violated the earlier agreement. MacRumors muses that Apple Corps (The Beatles' label) could become a large shareholder of Apple, with Paul Mc Cartney on Apple Computer Inc.'s board of directors. I personally think: Why not even merge the two and let Apple Music become the biggest of the 'big five' in the music industry? Apple Computer certainly has a lot of music-momentum at hand, currently...

[ written by fryke™ on 2004-09-13 at 21:05 CET ]
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Emulation at full speed?

Hard to believe. This WIRED article says Transitive has QuickTransit ready, which should enable 'near native emulation speeds'. Sure. Everyone's done it wrong in the past. Now there's the solution. Rob Enderle (who in the past was flamed by this very website for saying things like "IT people who choose Mac risk being fired." or "Don't buy an iPod or use the iTMS, because Apple might go out of business.") said "Transitive benefits from the fact that most modern machines are fast enough to emulate each other without much affecting performance." I'm pretty sure he would say something similar if Transitive had announced that their software can replicate food for free without an external source of energy.

_If_ this however should prove true, Apple will go out of business. And yes, Rob, I've said it before you did. ;-)

[ written by fryke™ on 2004-09-13 at 17:32 CET ]
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IBM's Linux POWER 5 Server

IBM today introduced a new OpenPower system, putting it against more expensive (but performance-comparable) HP and Sun systems. Two- and four-way machines will be available, starting at around 5'000 USD.
While this does not directly concern the Macintosh, IBM's success with the POWER line of processors is important, because the 64bit PowerPC processors derive from their (higher end) POWER processor parents. (The PowerPC 970 and 970FX are derived from the POWER 4 processor. Currently, IBM is preparing a 'son of POWER 5' aka PowerPC 980 as well as a low-power version of the PowerPC 970 for use in notebooks.)

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Hello, Apple, wake up, please...

Nokia is going to ship the Nokia Communicator 9500 soon. It is Symbian based. Series 80. Features Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity. And it would be nice if we Apple users could synch that baby as soon as we get our hands on it. It's been announced more than half a year ago, so I guess you're alreay finalising the support for this new smartphone in iSync, right? And oh yeah: There's also going to be the cheaper Nokia Communicator 9300. Lacking WiFi (and an integrated camera) but still sporting Bluetooth, so that, too, would be nice of you to support in iSync. Right? Right? (You might notice that I think Apple is always a few steps behind with iSync.)

[ written by fryke™ on 2004-09-13 at 16:45 CET ]
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