news of 2004-09-20

Yet another Spotlight detail

Tiger development doesn't only cater for those of us who want the UI to be more lickable, faster and more complete. Spotlight data, according to a Tiger preview session in Paris, is available in Terminal, too. I'm pretty sure there'll be a lot of scripters hacking away as soon as they get their hands on newer Tiger builds...

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Where do you want to go tomorrow, eMac?

Giles Turnbull at O'Reilly writes down his idea that the fourth iMac config (low end edu config mentioned in the developer notes of the iMac) could replace the eMac. While that machine (40 GB harddrive, no optical drive, Geforce 4MX 32 MB) will certainly be cheaper than a 'normal' iMac, it's still going to be more expensive than a current education eMac. So: I wouldn't say it's obvious that the eMac's days are numbered, but the question remains whether Apple will create another version of the eMac, possibly with a G5 processor?

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Tiger/Spotlight Detail

Just a little detail about how Spotlight is going to ease your life. Say a customer calls you and is sure that he _did_ send you that file you need. You just enter the customer's name into Spotlight, and it'll find the file, whether it was sent to you via E-Mail or iChat. This actually means that files you get via iChat are 'tagged' with the user name. While this sounds great for usability: What about privacy? If I send the same file to another contact, will that new contact see where _I_ got the file from? Will that person also see an e-mail address or other (certainly private) information? We'll have to look into that more closely in the coming months. Quite certainly, users will not be able to completely shut down Spotlight if they want to - unless they stay in Panther.

[ written by fryke™ on 2004-09-20 at 01:10 CET ]
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