news of 2004-09-23

Yet another good iMac G5 review

Walt Mossberg, Wall Street Journal, has good things to say about the new iMac as well.

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One opinion about the music industry

And a very good one to read. He quite shocked his audience, I believe, but he's right on quite some subjects he's talking about. Andrew Orlowski, that is, in his speech to the music industry in the UK (linked above).

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Gmail accounts re-revisited

I've again to give away 5 Gmail accounts. As usual, contact me via the contact link below this article, if you're ready to pay 5 EUR via PayPal. Remember: This amount of money is rather your support for than any actual payment for the account, of course. So if you don't even _want_ an account, we happily accept your payment, too. ;)

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New PowerBook G4 coming

As we've told you in the past, this Autumn will show us another round of PowerBook G4 series. (G5 PowerBooks will come in Spring/Summer 2005.) According to our sources, there'll be nothing radical about the next upgrade to the PBG4. We'll see the 12" model move up to 1.6 GHz, as well as the lower-end 15" model. The high end 15" and the 17" model will get the 1.8 GHz processor.
All of them are PPC 7448 processors that should run cool enough at these high rates (as cool as current PBs, our sources put it, although we find that not really 'cool' on some occasions...). The graphics card will be the ATi Mobility Radeon 9800 for 15 and 17 inch models, the 12" will - according to sources - stay at its current nVidia card but lowered in price by 100 USD. The release date for the PowerBooks has been specified as "mid to end October".

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iMac G5: The desktop replacement replacement mentions that in a column about how great a desktop computer the iMac G5 really is. Like from a sci-fi movie, they say. (If only power-over-air would be an option, or that iPod could be synched wirelessly...). They also make a point that good products are a better switching campaign than the ill-fated switch campaign Apple (and I'm glad about it) has stopped doing.

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Apple seeds Xsan 7N141

Again, Apple has seeded developers with a new version of their Xsan file sytem for Mac OS X and Mac OS X Server. SAN, of course, meaning Storage Area Network, which is a bit of a strange acronym, if you think about it, comparing it to LAN and WAN...

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