news of 2004-10-11

Creative copies iPod (again)

This time the mini with their Zen Micro.

Doesn't the interface look remarkably similar to an iPod's? Sure does. Read more about the yet-to-be-introduced Zen Micro here at and also look at the bigger picture (pun intended).

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Apple's Business Strategy

Does, according to this article, pay out. Changes the way Apple's looked at in business. When Steve Jobs introduced Xserve, he said that they'd enter this market in a very "humble" way. I'm sure making the list of supercomputers isn't quite what Steve meant back then by his words. However, I'm also sure that he meant Xserve to have such kind of reviews and press (and success). But, and the linked article says that, so I quote: "Apple's next challenge will be knocking on the right doors." Well put.

[ written by fryke™ on 2004-10-11 at 09:47 CET ]
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