news of 2004-10-20

About the PowerBook non-show

I'm sure you're aware of the fact that was the first and one of the more prominent rumour sites to talk about the PPC 7448 PowerBooks we then thought would arrive in Autumn 2004. Apparently, this will now not be the case, and we want to apologise, if our rumour has caused any inconveniences.
We have used the past 24 hours to talk to the two separate sources we had for the rumour, and of course they're sad, too, that it didn't come as predicted.
From what we hear, three things have happened that led the PowerBook 7448 not to come true. 1) FreeScale, after being spun off of Motorola, has taken a lot more time than Apple was expecting. The PowerPC 7448 is simply not ready, although preproduction PowerBooks had been made. 2) IBM and Apple have been working hard to bring the PowerBook G5 to the market. And while IBM, too, had its share of problems creating more refined and less power consuming (and heat generating) 64bit processors, it apparently has made it possible that 3) Apple can announce the PowerBook G5 in January 2005. Apple basically had two options when it became aware of the delay of the PPC 7448 and the advances of IBM. They could've postponed the 7448 based PowerBooks by a month or two. However, with the PowerBook G5 coming closer, that wouldn't have made much sense. While choosing to go with the 'old' PowerBooks for the holiday season might not be comfortable for Apple, they rather sell more PowerBook G5's next year. According to our sources, the PB G5 will be announced in January and will be available in quantities a month or two afterwards.

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Macintosh, Apache, MySQL and PHP. webEdition has posted a simple installation for a development environment that can just as easily be removed (just trash the MAMP folder). (Updated with English link...)

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Apple announces Tiger Early Start Kit

... and will probably soon start seeding new builds. The "Enterprise" title song springs to mind while I'm typing this. ;)

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PowerBooks skipped?

"This new line-up of iBooks, along with the current PowerBooks we have will make-up the complete portable line-up we will be offering for the holidays...", David Moody has said to MacCentral. This could very well mean that the 7448-PowerBooks won't see the day of light at all. Which could mean that the PowerBook G5 is being readied for a January announcement. We're digging our sources...

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