news of 2004-10-21

Misunderstanding at AppleInsider

AI posted this about 10.3.6 developer builds today. They say Apple has eased the update process from build to build, removing the reversioners. However, that's not true. The latest build, 7R20, did not contain a reversioner, however that was only the case because the build was _not_ intended to update earlier development builds of 10.3.6. Instead, the build was only applicable to the GM version of 10.3.5. If you are a developer with access to beta builds, do not install 7R20 over 7R14 or 7R12 etc., because after the upgrade, you won't be able to open some of Apple's applications (like iChat, for example), effectively ruining your experience...

[ written by fryke™ on 2004-10-21 at 02:15 CET ]
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