news of 2004-11-01

Tiger's Burnable Folders and Smart Folders

AppleInsider updates us on a few changes in smart folder management (along with screenshots of those). Basically, you can now create burnable folders through a new contextual menu item. Dragging stuff to them creates aliases. Inside the folder, you'll see a yellow 'burn bar' that allows you to burn the files associated with the aliases.

The second thing mentioned is that smart folders are getting smarter, and that smart folders' column view option has been replaced with a 'groups view' option, which shows the contents of the smart folder as Spotlight search results.

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Camera Mobile Phones burn Digital Camera Sales

Gartner Group and Infotrends note that currently, with mobile phones getting megapixel cameras and memory card slots, they start to hurt digital camera sales. Sounds reasonable, too, since the home user is probably fine with 1-2 MP cameras and doesn't want to carry a lot of gadgets.

Now will a similar effect happen to the iPod (and other MP3 players)? Some mobile phones already have MP3 playback. And for some users, a few songs are good enough.

One important difference between the markets is that while 'real' digital cameras are - for the home user - about as easy-to-use as a mobile phone, the iPod is more than just an extended version of what you can do with songs on your mobile phone. But: Mobile phone makers are going to learn. And Apple even helps them, bringing, for example, iTunes to Motorola phones next year.

I guess this will really hurt flash-based MP3 players, since basically an MP3 enabled mobile phone is just that: A flash-based MP3 player. Maybe Apple going into the flash-based MP3 player market is not so good an idea in the first place.

[ written by fryke™ on 2004-11-01 at 14:16 CET ]
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