news of 2004-11-08

Apple, Jobs win Billboard awards

Apple has made 'Brand of the Year', Steve Jobs is 'Visionary of the Year' for his dual role as CEO of both Pixar and Apple. The sad thing: Real Networks' Rhapsody has won against iTMS. Then again, they couldn't possibly give Apple and Jobs all the four awards they were nominated for, could they.

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Apple seeds Safari 1.3 DP5

And answers a question we here at had for a while. Apparently, Safari 1.3 takes the WebKit development of Safari 2.0 and gives it back to Safari 1.x (without the other improvements of Safari 2.0). Be aware that installing this developer preview doesn't let you go back to the GM version of Safari 1.2.x you had previously installed. The only way to get back to it is to reinstall the system and update it to the previous state. Basically: Do not install this on a system you want to keep running over a longer period of time. ;)

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Apple: Now's the time for the iPod Flash

Dear Apple, you're certainly aware that the holiday season is about to begin - and that your iPod sales will skyrocket. But there still are a lot of potential iPod buyers who, in lack of money, will go buy those cheap, MSN compatible flash based music players. If you have a 1 GB flash based iPod mini ready that you could sell for 149 or even 99 USD, we urge you to release it right about now. Make sure that every child has enough time to scribble down his or her note about this new iPod. ;)

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Delicious Library

The new (ground up) version of Delicious Library, your 40 USD does-it-all DVD/book/etc. software library with a gorgeous Mac OS X interface, is now available. It has won O'Reilly's innovator price, as you can see on the linked site. The really new thing about this one is, of course, its bar-code reading capability. Use your QT-compatible webcam (iSight, for example) to read your items' barcodes. The software then looks it up for you.

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