news of 2004-11-13

PowerPC rumours

Thinksecret updates us on recent PowerPC developments at IBM. According to their sources, we'll see both the 970MP and a single core version of it, which is probably going to be called 970GX (which would follow IBM's previous naming scheme with the 750 line of processors, although that didn't _actually_ reach a GX variant, the once rumoured 'Gobi' processor). Both of those lines would start at 3 GHz and contain 1 MB of Level 2 cache without any Level 3 cache.
The article also muses about January's PowerBook introduction, which could see a lower-power PowerPC 970 variant at speeds of 1.6-1.8 GHz, or the long-rumoured PPC 7448 based, last round, of PowerBook G4. Our own sources confirm that Apple has long been ready for that PowerBook, but that FreeScale, up until now, was not ready to ship that G4 family processor in quantities. More news as January comes near.

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