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osNews G6 rumour

The author of this article tries, in my opinion, to create a rumour out of speculation (based on previously known facts and developments). Basically, what he says is that the Power4 processor was used to develop the PowerPC 970 and that the Power5 processor will be used for the next generation PowerPC at IBM.
More 'conservative' speculation on various Mac rumour sites however suggest that the PowerPC 970MP will merely be a dual core version of the 970FX with some hints taken from IBM's advances in the Power5 development (so: rather think evolution than revolution).
Our sources within IBM point to two new processors arriving early next year: A dual core desktop/workstation processor that will eventually replace the (current) PowerPC 970FX and a lower power PowerPC 970 variant that is aimed at the embedded market as well as Apple's notebooks. IBM is not believed to put this processor into ThinkPads, the last ThinkPad ever to use a PowerPC being the rather unsuccessful ThinkPad 850 with a PPC 603.

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