news of 2004-11-23

ADC Select & Premier members get 8A294/8A297 on DVDs

Currently, Apple's shipping developers the two latest builds (Tiger 8A294 and Tiger Server 8A297) on DVDs, an ADC Select member reports. "The DVDs look like the ones you get with your Macs when you buy them, only they're black instead of gray. They look evilly good." ;) Our contact also had a little something else to share: "Apparently, Apple thinks the contents of the envelope are worth 1$, since that's what's the envelope's marked as."

Apple is expected to have started work on 8Bxx builds of Tiger by now. Developers are expected to receive another build of Tiger before christmas. While the current build is already 'quite stable', as our sources claim, 'quite' can mean anything from 'good' to 'barely usable', depending on the developer's needs. Reports are in that some Carbon applications have major problems with this build, for example Fetch 4.0.3's keyboard shortcuts are acting very weird. Of course both the application developer and Apple are working to keep compatibility up as much as possible. However the bigger changes of such an OS upgrade usually do make application updates necessary.

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