news of 2004-11-26

Moore's Law, POWER 5, PowerPC et al.

You can read here on TheRegister about how IBM leaves competitors in the dust with their new pSeries servers. Some quotes: "The consequence is that IBM is currently able to deliver in line with the expectations of Moore's Law and will probably be able to do so for the next two generations of the PowerPC chip." (And others don't!) - "... IBM has now delivered almost a tripling of system performance (and a 37 per cent price performance improvement). That is what the benchmark indicates."

The article makes it certainly look as if IBM just did things right, while others blindly went down the old path, just to end up going: "Duh!" - Does this mean good things for future PowerPC processors, which are derived from IBM's advances with the POWER series of processors? Yes. Will we see the results of this in a Mac near us anytime soon? Probably next year. However: The truth never is a simple as TheRegister leads us to believe, and quite probably, other players in the field will not just keep on going "Duh!" but rather react to 'new circumstances' as well.

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