news of 2004-12-01

Those 'entertainment server' rumours

Now even Merrill Lynch sees such a device in Apple's future. Maybe our concern about Steve not liking TV was published a few weeks too early - and Apple will surprise us with such a device as early as January?

The concept certainly makes sense to me. Right now I have to connect my PowerBook to the video beamer and the home stereo in order to watch movies I have on the Mac. With a central media server, I could not only have all my video and music files 'over there', I could also free up some space on my external FW drives (or connect them to the media server?). If a company can get an entertainment system for the home right, it's Apple - as apparently both Sony (which we'd have put in number one spot before the arrival of the iPod and AirPort Express) and Microsoft (their Media Centers aren't exactly as simple to use and crash-proof as such a device should be) don't manage.

[ written by fryke™ on 2004-12-01 at 14:51 CET ]
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