news of 2004-12-07

iPod mini to go 5 GB in January

Although the maker of the 5 GB 1 inch harddisk of Apple's next revision of the iPod mini is yet unknown, Apple is expected to up the mini from 4 to 5 GB in January, in order to better compete with the competition. This would also make 'more room' for the rumoured flash-based iPod.

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Thunderbird 1.0

Only shortly after Firefox 1.0, mozilla-based E-Mail client Thunderbird reaches version 1.0. And the project certainly intends to replace IE and Outlook Express on the PC. How does it look on the Mac?
While Firefox still doesn't feel like an application that's 'home' on the Mac, Thunderbird - albeit with some graphical glitches in some dialogue boxes - does feel like it belongs on Mac OS X. And it will certainly lure some people away from their usual E-Mail clients - mostly those who already use Firefox as their main browser, probably, but maybe also some old Eudora Light (or ad-based) and Netscape users who think it's time to try something new.
After initial big problems, the mozilla open source project has managed to create rather small-footprint applications out of the codebase. And with every year of development, the projects (change their names, yes, but also) become more viable solutions that can take from Microsoft what once was stolen. ;)

[ written by fryke™ on 2004-12-07 at 10:38 CET ]
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