news of 2004-12-10

BBEdit doesn't like Unsanity?

After a kernel panic in Tiger (maybe shouldn't have tried to bluetooth-synch my Sony Clie through Mark Space's Missing Link software just yet?) and starting BBEdit 8.0.3 again, BBEdit said that it sadly had crashed, and then goes on to say: "You appear to be using one or more system additions or preference panels which employ Application Enhancer. APE works by running its own code inside of BBEdit and other applications. This can lead to crashes, unpredictable application behaviour and other symptoms of incompatibility. If you continue to experience problems after removing all third-party system additions and preference panels, please contact support for assistance."

I must say, I like Barebones' attitude here. ;)

[ written by fryke™ on 2004-12-10 at 03:44 CET ]
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Tiger The good things

You're going to love in Tiger. Or at least I will. Sure, some will say they don't like the new look (then again some always do...), but I like even that. I actually like it a lot! But more importantly: Spotlight is going to rock your world of E-Mailing, if you use E-Mail professionally (but probably also if only privately).
Never has searching a lot of messages been so easy and fast. And while I'm a BIG fan of automatically archiving new messages through an extensive rules-system, I still love that new automatic mailbox in that shows me the unread messages, whether they're in my private box, my first or second most important customer's mailbox etc. Handling mail just gets easier and better with Tiger's (version 2.0).
I hope Apple puts Spotlight to good use in many other applications, and I'm sure they will. I don't need it so much in Address Book where they have, but I'm sure Apple will find other places where this groundbreaking technology will fit perfectly.
Mail, which can become a BIG issue quite fast if you keep three or four (or more) years of E-Mail, and intend to search for something specific you remember you've once written or read, is a perfect candidate. And Apple is doing well there.

[ written by fryke™ on 2004-12-10 at 01:54 CET ]
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