news of 2004-12-12

Swiss paper 'SonntagsZeitung': iTMS Switzerland coming

According to an article in today's SonntagsZeitung, Apple will tell us at MWSF '05, when to expect the opening of iTMS Switzerland. There had been much speculation in the past month about the Swiss iTMS. First someone said it would come together with the 'rest of Europe', then the music industry said they were ready (after Apple had said otherwise before) but Swiss copyright laws were lacking and now Apple is reportedly saying they're in definite communication with the music industry, although they wouldn't go into any detail. Here's to the hope that Switzerland won't have to wait another year...
SonntagsZeitung also mentioned that harddrive-based digital music players' market share would go down to 50% this year in Switzerland, and that thereof, Apple would take 'only' 80% this time, not 90% as in 2003. And they linked that - partially - to the fact that iPod users in Switzerland cannot buy tracks online. (There are three big online music stores, but they sell WMA.)

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