news of 2004-12-16

iTMS tops 200 million downloads

According to this MacCentral article, Apple has sold the 200 millionth track on iTMS now.

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What we so far know about MWSF

We're pulling our strings, of course, and hope to get as much information before MWSF '05 actually happens, but so far, the following is all we can safely say...

MWSF will - for the coming years - be the greatest Mac show for the public, and as such a place for new product releases. As Apple certainly doesn't want to spend the whole rest of the year waiting for next January, other products appear "when they're ready". If they're ready near WWDC or AppleExpo Paris, those spots will be chosen for an introduction, but usually, Apple either creates a special press event or just releases the news to the press 'the usual way'.
MWSF '05 has quite some stuff in it, however. Apple will definitely announce a release date for Tiger. Whether that will be March, April, May or June, we can't yet say, sadly. Apple will introduce at least one updated Macintosh product: PowerBook G5 or PowerMac G5 or both. If only one is ready to be announced, the other will be brought upon us about a month later, we're told. But it sure seems that Steve Jobs would like to introduce both products directly at MWSF. Details about the products will emerge in the coming weeks. Also, we'll see the iPod mini updated to 5 GB, and the flash-based iPod (the "mini" mini, same form but even smaller than the mini) with 1 GB of space will be released, probably for 199 USD.
iLife '05 will be released. That is set in stone. However: The feature set has not yet seen the light of our day. About this time last year, Garage Band rumours were out, but this year our sources have stayed mum about any new application. (Though there still are people at Apple developing the successor to AppleWorks.) Keynote, however, will be released in version 2, but will stay a separate package, although it'll get better iLife integration.
The eMac G5 will appear, according to the same sources that brought us the original eMac G5 info, sometime early next year, but probably not at MWSF.

For now, that's it. We'll cover the rumours about MWSF '05 in the coming weeks, of course.

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Mac OS X 10.3.7 Combined Updater available

You can get the 97 MB file here for future reference, if you've already installed it. My suggestion: Always keep your Combined Updater up to date, so in a case of reinstallation (or if you're installing a new machine), you have it readily available. (If your machine, like mine, came with a Panther installer earlier than 10.3.6, you'd have to download the full 97 MB everytime you reinstall, so the whole process is much faster, if you already have the Combined Updater for the latest OS version somehwere on an external drive or CD.)

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Mac OS X 10.3.7 7S215 released

As predicted by our site, Mac OS X 10.3.7 made it to Software Update sooner than initially expected (end of year, then Christmas...). Thanks for reading our site regularly. ;)

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