news of 2005-03-16

Google widens Gmail access

Google now invites 1 out of 20 visitors to Marissa Mayer, Google's director of consumer Web products, said that this is just one of more steps to the final stage of Gmail, when it'll just be "available" without the beta badge. An official launch date, however, hasn't yet been revealed, but it looks like its current beta users are more than pleased with the service, Gmail being the most "clean" webmail system offered unless you implement your own on a webserver. Gmail also allows you to use (or another POP3 over SSL capable client).

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Google pays homage to OS X

With Google X, which sports a simple, Dock-like interface for the search engine. Nothing _really_ different or useful, but a nice nod in the right direction. ;)

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PowerPC 970 MP and SP

IBM actually posted some information (not much, though) about "Antares", the long-rumoured processor that'll bring PowerMacs to the 3 GHz range, but more importantly will be a dual-core processor. There will also be a single core version of this (970GX, Antares SP) which will probably be used in iMacs as well as the PowerBook G5. It should be noted that IBM themselves make it clear that the 970MP will generally run hotter, and that special thermal diodes are used to continually check the temperatures. Apple is already using liquid cooling with the 2.5 GHz dual processor version of the PowerMac G5 now, but will probably have to incorporate it into all of the new PowerMac lineup come WWDC.

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