news of 2005-03-22

Camino has its own website now...

And quite a friendly design, too. While we're not particularly fans of the mozilla-based browsers (since they're all using QuickDraw instead of Quartz for displaying text, which is simply ugly compared to what OmniWeb, Safari etc. do), we're aware that many of you prefer the speed of Firefox and/or Camino. So the site's certainly worth mentioning.

[ written by fryke™ on 2005-03-22 at 20:24 CET ]
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Napster to go?

They claim you'll pay 10'000 USD to fill an iPod. And only 15 with Napster to go. But that's just marketing speak. And this article on thinks so, too - although they do see the bright side. The real problem I see here is that Apple might be forced to add a subscription based model in addition to iTMS' pay-per-track model in order to stay competitive, but I feel that it's just not "very Apple".
If you've ever thought Napster's to go service would be great and you might switch if you find a nice portable player, take a good look on the downside, too. Once you stop paying the monthly fees, the music's gone. You don't actually "own" the license to the music. You pay as long as you listen, whereas with iTMS, you actually get the song with some rights. Sure, the iTMS model has its flaws, too: For example 128 kbps files probably won't be acceptable in five years. Newer iPods, newer iTMS etc. will probably switch to other formats. But then again: People still hang on to their vinyl records, and while an iTMS track doesn't come with a nice enclosure, you at least still will have the right to listen to it in its original quality - unlike Napster's model. "You never stop paying" doesn't sound like such a good deal to me after all.

[ written by fryke™ on 2005-03-22 at 01:43 CET ]
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PyMusique hack disabled by Apple

Apple now only lets iTunes 4.7 customers use iTMS to buy songs.

[ written by fryke™ on 2005-03-22 at 01:20 CET ]
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