news of 2005-03-24

Happy anniversary!

It's Mac OS X' birthday today. In 2001, Apple released Mac OS X 10.0 on March 24th. It's been quite a ride, and we've been following the development of this wonderful operating system closely. Some people expected Tiger to be released today for some time, but it's become clear that Apple wanted to finish the OS before releasing it, and "first half of 2005" still has some time.
Tiger, in its most recent incarnation as 8A420, is actually quite finished. As has been mentioned in the seednote: There's only one known issue with this build, and that's that some SuperDrive enabled iBooks won't boot off the installation DVD. The note doesn't state why this is, but it seems like a bug that can easily be fixed in yet another build. However: Apple might want to wait for further feedback on 8A414 and 8A420 before hurrying to a GM build.

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