news of 2005-03-25

PyMusique works again. For now.

You'll read more about it here. But they don't seem to get the real problem. At all. Denial is their way, it seems. They claim they only want to enable linux users to buy songs from iTMS and put them on an iPod. "You still pay 0.99 USD per song...". Yeah, but does your friend if you have a track without any DRM and you can give it to him? And what if you "happen to" open your music directory to Gnutella or any other p2p network? Sure: Theoretically, a user could still oblige to Apple's and the industry's wishes by simply not sharing the tracks with anyone. The problem is: The makers of PyMusique _do_ leave the DRM out, thus enabling users of PyMusique to do more with the tracks than what the contract allows. I'm sure they'd still have answers to even that, but seriously: I'm not interested. PyMusique is a strange hack, and Apple should've never let the iTunes client write the complete DRM into the file, thus leaving the file that comes from iTMS basically DRM-less. But that doesn't make PyMusique in any way less of a threat to Apple, and I'm sure they won't simply shrug and move on now.

[ written by fryke™ on 2005-03-25 at 14:47 CET ]
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