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Where are you, Tiger?

Around April 1st, AppleInsider said that build 8A428 of Tiger had been declared Golden Master. While both ThinkSecret and (and a lot of others) repeat that the internal build has gone GM, this rumour can't be confirmed by our sources. AI and are also saying that Apple is continuing to internally release 8A4xx builds that might become a 10.4.1 release shortly after Tiger is released.
Assuming that 8A428 is the final version of 10.4.0, this would make sense - and it would be the same procedure as with Panther back in October 2003, where only 10 days after the 'final' release of 7B85, 7C115 was released.
However: The official statement by Apple is still that Tiger would be released in the first half of 2005, and those new builds internal at Apple could simply mean that Tiger development for 10.4.0 isn't finished just yet.

We say: If Tiger is released early (a build lower than 8A430), we'd say professional users are probably better off to wait for the first update to arrive. While we couldn't test the rumoured GM build of 8A428, the last more widely seeded build (8A425) still has some glitches that might interfere with your working process. Either way: If you don't intend to quickly move back to Panther, make sure that you at least read a few reports about the final release before installing. Also make sure that you get some updates for your most important applications, as there are bound to be some problems with Tiger and third party apps. (For example, the clipboard as well as drag and drop don't seem to work right between Adobe CS applications, currently.)

[ written by fryke™ on 2005-04-08 at 12:20 CET ]
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