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Ready for the desktop/notebook?

It's fun to read those "Linux is ready for the desktop" or "Linux is ready for the notebook" columns that occasionally (rather more often, sadly) pop up on technology news sites. I've read one just now. Terrible. (I'll come back to it in a moment.)
Last summer, I've written this article that told UN*X and linux geeks that UN*X is ready for the desktop and the notebook, and that it's available in form of Mac OS X on Macs. Now that Macs are cheap, too, there's really not much sense in doing what the author of the first linked article above did. All the hoops he has to go through in order to get a usable notebook running linux... Hey: Just get a PowerBook or iBook and you're ready to go. Just like that.
And one last line: When is linux ready for the desktop? When people stop talking about it. I.e. never, probably.

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Another side note to Tiger's announcement...

Tiger Server will also be on the shelves on 29th of April - at the same 499/999 USD prices as with Panther. And for 10 USD, you can get a replacement CD set, if you don't like it as a DVD (or your Mac doesn't sport a DVD-ROM, Combo or SuperDrive.

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Tiger Countdown

So it's the 29th of April, when we'll see Tiger on store shelves. That'd basically mean Apple has some three days left to declare a Golden Master - should the previous rumours prove wrong and Apple hasn't done that already.
The new pages online at Apple also confirm that a family pack would still be available - despite rumours at AI suggesting otherwise (they might change that page now, of course). Pricing stays the same: 129 USD for a single user license, 199 for the family pack.
A side note: The requirements list now doesn't show a DVD drive any longer. However: "What's in the box" at the Apple Online Store says that it comes on a DVD. So that didn't _really_ change.

[ written by fryke™ on 2005-04-12 at 16:00 CET ]
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