news of 2005-04-17

Apple Presentation at NAB (live coverage)

Apple demoes Tiger. H.264. iChat AV videochatting with multiple contacts.

Final Cut Pro Studio, contains FCP 5.0. Sony/HD/Apple talk from a Sony executive. FinalCut Pro 5 has direct HDV support. And "Dynamic RT Extreme", which automatically adjusts resolution and framerates to give the best "live" feeling on any given hardware (although probably a minimum hardware requirement is a given...). New codecs. Work with high-res audio formats. 24 channel in- and output. One-pass multiple channel recording. Things that interest at NAB, of course. Demo of FCP 5.0.

Also new: Motion 2.0 and Soundtrack Pro with 5000 audio-effects included.

Next up: Next generation DVDs. Blu-Ray. Both HD-DVD and Blu-Ray support H.264. New DVD Studio Pro HD announced. (Btw.: Apple's online store is down, of course.) ;) Pricing of the Studio apps are announced. 1299 USD for all apps together. Update for FCP Studio (from any version of FCP) is 699. Shake 4 new, too. Software should be available in 4-6 weeks.

Show's over. No new hardware today it seems.

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Mac OS X 10.3.9 Combo Updater released

You can find it here at If you had any trouble with the update through SU, I suggest you download this and update again. If you haven't updated yet but really, really want to, I also suggest using the combined updater. It seems to do a better job, although I couldn't scientifically tell you why. My real suggestion is, of course, to stay on 10.3.8 until you get your hands on a copy of Tiger.

[ written by fryke™ on 2005-04-17 at 04:15 CET ]
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