news of 2005-04-26

iTunes Switzerland: Yes.

I was sceptic, I admit. But MacRumors has found the country specific images for the store on Apple's servers. Nice find.

(And right now, if you go to the iTunes Music Store's country selection, something looks skewed. I.e.: They're working on it.)

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The new PowerMacs. Huh?

2003: 2.0 GHz. 2004: 2.5 GHz. 2005: 2.7 GHz. 's that all? Ah, no, they also sport dual-layer SuperDrives. In 2006, they'll show us a 2.75 GHz PowerMac. And will say that putting a G5 into the PowerBook is "the mother of all thermal problems". But we're just kidding. The new PowerMacs (MacRumors has a few links to rumours) might incorporate a new model of the PowerPC G5. Either the 970MP - which would definitely be a wow!-factor - or the 970GX. Which would be a not-so-wow!-factor. According to the rumours, we'll know more very soon.

[ written by fryke™ on 2005-04-26 at 09:35 CET ]
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