news of 2005-04-29

That Tiger lawsuit

Yesterday, Tiger Direct Inc. filed a lawsuit against Apple. As if they hadn't heard that Apple was going to call its new operating system "Tiger" before. MacCentral has more details about it. I guess they'll just take it back later, since this lawsuit now gives them their "nationwide" exposure they say they lack since Apple's taken over the search engines with _their_ "Tiger". Either way: Here's to the hope that Apple has to cease using the name "Tiger" and comes back to calling it Mac OS X 10.4 or even Mac OS 10.4, since the "X" moniker was always kinda confusing ("Mac O-S Ten Ten-four"? Pu-leheeze!). But my guess is that after this weekend or the next, Tiger Direct Inc. will go back to where it belongs and was before: Anonymity. Or had you heard of Tiger Direct Inc. before yesterday?

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Downloads etc. on 10.4's day of glory

On the day of Mac OS X 10.4, Apple has released a few updates and a lot of gimmicks. You can find Java 2 SE 5.0 Release 1 here, for example, a roughly 50 MB download. Some people were expecting this in Tiger, but a download on Tiger's release day is just as good (it just wasn't finished in time). You'll also find some Dashboard widgets, Automator scripts and Spotlight plugins here on the Mac OS X downloads section at

Panther users will also find the Quicktime 7 update released. From the very first reports about the final version of Mac OS X 10.4, I'd say it's a very good upgrade, totally worth its money. If you want to make sure nothing goes wrong, there's nothing like copying your whole main drive to a FW drive and update on that to test things before applying to your main drive. You can, of course, do it the other way 'round if you feel lucky.

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Update on ArsTechnica's Tiger Review

You must read it here. Even if much of John Siracusa's rather longish review is merely techno-developer-babble to you, it sheds some very interesting lights on the history of Mac OS X and more importantly on how developers and users can take profit out of some rather dramatic changes from Panther to Tiger that users only see right now as, say, "nicer search" or maybe "better support for drivers". Or not even that. Either way: Please do read it. The whole of it.

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