news of 2005-05-06

Quartz 2D Extreme in Tiger: Turn it on.

If you've read John Siracusa's extensive review on Tiger, you might have seen the part about Quartz 2D Extreme being turned off by default. It certainly helps taking a load off the CPU for the GUI, so you might want to turn it on to test it for a while. (I haven't experienced any glitches with it myself, so it stays "on" for the time being.) You can always turn it off again, should you want to.
To turn it on, simply install the developer tools that come on the Tiger installation DVD. They come with a lot of info-stuff that you might not want to install. Make sure to choose what gets installed and what not. In "/Developer/Applications/Performance Tools" you'll find "Quartz". In one of its menus, you can turn the feature on. However, it's turned off again as soon as you quit the app. Make sure to force-quit it, however (using Cmd-Opt-Esc or the Activity Monitor), and the feature stays turned on even through reboots.

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Bonjour Windows

Apple greets Microsoft in French. No, what I mean is: Apple's released Bonjour for Windows (versions 2000 and up). This basically is a new (and renamed) version of Rendez-vous for Windows. The 14 MB download enables Windows machines to discover Bonjour (ex Rendez-vous) enabled printers (as well as printers shared by AirPort base stations or Macs running Tiger) and webservers published via Bonjour. Apple says: "Since Apple first launched Bonjour in 2002, every major maker of network printers has adopted Bonjour. With the Bonjour Printer Wizard, computers using Windows can also experience the benefits of effortlessly discovering and printing to these Bonjour printers." - What they mean, of course, is that Microsoft has somehow overslept and that Apple brings PC users easier network printing. ;)

[ written by fryke™ on 2005-05-06 at 01:29 CET ]
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